Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to pay to read your articles?

No. MusAu is an open access journal. All content can be accessed both immediately and free of charge.
(See also our Editorial Principles.)


I want to post a comment on an article. What do I have to do?

In order to prevent abuse of the comment function, we allow only verified and logged in users to post comments. We do not accept anonymous comments. Therefore, users who wish to post a comment have to verify their name.


How can I verify my name?

There are several ways to verify your name. The easiest way—if you have an academic position at a university or professional research institution—is to indicate your personal profile page at your institution. Please make sure the email address of your MusAu account is identical to the email address specified on your profile page.
Another way is authentication by reference: If you, for instance, are a PhD student, your doctoral advisor can get in touch with the MusAu editorial team to confirm your data and scholarly profile.
The third way is personal verification. Please contact the MusAu editorial team.



I have written an article I would like to publish in MusAu. How can I become an author?

If you have not yet done so, please register (for free) and get your name verified. Then submit your article by sending your text to the editors via email (


I plan to edit a topical special issue in MusAu. How should I proceed?

Proposals for special issues are welcome at any time. Please contact the editors via email ( and submit an informal rationale, sketching the relevant aspects of the projected special issue (topic, number of articles, prospective contributors if applicable, etc.).


I would like to publish a book review in MusAu. What do I have to do?

You are welcome to write a review in MusAu. Please label your text as a book review and send it to our review editor via email (


Does MusAu publish non-English articles too?

Non-English articles are not accepted.


Does MusAu publish reviews of non-English books?

MusAu is focused on an English-speaking community. However, reviews of non-English (particularly multilingual or German) books are welcome. A review of a non-English book should provide convincing arguments as to why the book is of great relevance to the entire scholarly community.


Will I lose the copyright of articles published in MusAu?

No, but all MusAu authors agree to publish under a CC-BY license. This basically means that all content may be shared and adapted freely and for any purpose under the condition that appropriate credit is given.


Do I have to pay to publish an article or a book review?



Do I have to be a member of ÖGMW to become a MusAu author?

No. However, we would be happy if you considered applying for ÖGMW membership. We are also glad to receive donations in support of MusAu.


MusAu has published my paper. What can I do now?

You can contribute to discussions and manually update metrics. You are also free to update your article in order to integrate new findings. To keep your references up to date, we would be grateful if you could check and (if necessary) update your hyperlinks from time to time. For further information, please consult the chapter "After publication..." on the How to Submit an Article page.



How can I become a member of the editorial board?

Potential members of the editorial board are recommended by other editorial board members, the editors, or by the ÖGMW executive board. Invitations to join the editorial board are contingent on a resolution by the ÖGMW executive board.


How can I get my new book reviewed in MusAu?

The easiest way is to get in touch with the editorial team. Please do not send us a copy of your book to get it reviewed.


Any further questions?

You are welcome to send your questions to the editorial team.


Support MusAu

How can I support MusAu?

There are two ways to support MusAu: active participation and voluntary donations. The scope of active participation ranges from taking part in discussions to becoming an author and/or reviewer.


How can I donate?

We are happy to receive donations to the ÖGMW via bank transfer. Please specify that the donation is for Musicologica Austriaca.
Account holder: Österreichische Gesellschaft für Musikwissenschaft
IBAN: AT10 2011 1300 0001 0507
BIC: GIBAATWW (banking institution: Erste Bank)