How to Submit an Article

Why publish your article with MusAu?

  • Your article appears in one of the most innovative online music journals.
  • You benefit from inline comments referring to specific passages of your text.
  • You benefit from the opportunity to maintain and update your article.

    MusAu ...
  • ensures the highest scholarly standards and international visibility.
  • sets no technical limitations with regard to the length of an article.
  • encourages attachments of any file format, such as graphics, videos, or music files. For security reasons, we do not accept active scripts inserted in our articles. We appreciate hyperlinks to your online sources.
  • supports both online text production and DOCX import.
  • does not charge any fees for publication.

General information

  • You do not have to be a member of the Austrian Society for Musicology (ÖGMW). However, we would be happy if you considered becoming a member.
  • Submitting an article and having it published is free of charge. Nevertheless, we are happy to receive voluntary donations.
  • Note for non-native speakers of English: If the article you submit turns out to require extensive language proofreading (preceding a possible publication) we may offer you a paid service. However, this service is not mandatory.
  • We particularly appreciate innovative approaches in the technical form of presentation. Feel free to contact the editors if you have any questions or suggestions.
  • Double-blind peer reviews: Both authors and reviewers remain anonymous during the review procedure. Authors are asked to not enable a reviewer to draw any conclusions about their name/authorship in the text.

Before you submit an article, be sure to comply with open access and with our publication ethics! See our Editorial Principles for further information.


MyarticlesCreate a new article on the author's article management page

What is the procedure?

  1. Sign in (for free) and get your name verified. Authors have to be verified in order to prevent ghost authorship.
  2. MusAu provides both a DOCX import and an online writing room, allowing you to create or upload new articles and modify existing ones online.
     If you do not want to use the online submission system, just submit your article via email.
  3. Go to the My Articles page. You can find several statuses ("filters") on this page, corresponding to the submission and publication process of your articles:
    • Draft: This indicates newly created texts. You alone have access to your drafts, which you can choose to edit online or finally submit to the editorial team.
    • Submitted: This status refers to submitted articles waiting for review.
    • Under Review: If an article is currently undergoing a review, it has this status.
    • Published: This is the status of all articles that have been published.
    In order to create a new article, click on the [New Article] button (see image). You may then choose to create a new article or import an existing text from a DOCX file on your computer.
  4. Please adhere to our submission guidelines. Check the Instructions for Authors page for further information.
  5. After you finish entering all of your information, click on the [Save content] button. Your article will appear under "Draft" status on your My Articles page. You can continue to edit (or delete) your article draft and upload any respective files at any time. Please add on-screen page numbers (reasonably, every couple of paragraphs) and upload/select a cover picture for your article.
  6. When you have finished your article, click on the [Submit] button to hand in your text. The article will automatically be forwarded to the editors as a new article submission. You will then find your paper under a "Submitted" status on your My Articles page.
  7. Authors are welcome to suggest up to two suitable scholars as referees and may also request the exclusion of up to two researchers. These requests will be taken into consideration. However, the editors' decision on the choice of referees is final.
  8. Your article will then undergo a (double-blind) peer review. You can (anonymously) monitor the review process on your My Reviews page. Please read and answer any comments made by a reviewer or editor. During the review process, all articles have an "Under Review" status. Please check the Peer-Review Procedure page for further information.
  9. If your article is accepted for publication, it will be published directly (without the comments written during the peer review). Your article will receive a "Published" status on your My Articles page.

Are you still unsure about the procedure? Just try out our online text editor and experiment as you wish. You can always delete a draft and choose not to submit it.

After publication...

  • Any verified user is allowed to post a comment on your article. You may reply at any time. New comments are displayed on the publicly available article page, on your personal Dashboard page, and on the corresponding article entry on your My Articles page.
  • If you like, you may develop your article further at any time. Access the editor by clicking on the [Edit this article] button on the public article page or on the corresponding [Edit] button on your My Articles page.
    You are allowed to edit and save your updates at any time. However, your updates will not be accepted for publication until 4 weeks from the original publication date of the article. Any further updates will be accepted at intervals of 3 months. At the request of the editors, substantial updates can result in a new peer review.